Organic Limescale Remover - 500ml


Squeeky Cleaners Organic Limescale remover in a refillable Aluminium life bottle. Refill from concentrate, never throw out a plastic cleaning bottle again.

The bottle comes loaded up with one first dose of concentrate. When it arrives just top up with 450ml of water from the tap, give it a shake and you’re ready to go . 

Once you’ve used this first bottle up just order a refill and carry on.

• Plastic free 500ml refillable Aluminium Squeeky Life bottle
• Contains a first dose of concentrate refill, just top up with 450 ml of water and shake.
• All Natural plant and mineral based ingredients.
• No more shipping water, Reduced carbon emissions from transport.
• Pet safe, cruelty free, Vegan, Peta Approved. Made in the UK.
• Effective and safe, good for you and the planet, no toxic chemicals.
• Independently tested for effective antimicrobial activity (BS EN1650/BS EN1276).
• Refills can be purchased from Squeeky clean direct

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    • Aqua (Demin)
    • Citric acid (Hydrus)
    • Citrus Limonum extract
    • Acetic acid (Hydrus)
    • R004 Castile (compound)
    • Mineral colour base